David’s Story

My journey to becoming a therapist is unique. As a child I loved computers – using them, writing software for them, and helping other people with them. My best dreams were of someday becoming a software developer, and of creating more and more amazing things with technology. Few of my friends enjoyed computers, but I imagined one day working with other like-minded people, designing and creating incredible software with a big impact. After college, this dream became a reality: I had the opportunity to work for innovative software companies, small and large, writing software and leading teams.

As a successful software developer and manager I learned that people’s motivation can make or break a project. I learned that the best teams are those where motivated people are encouraged to do their best, and somehow everyone is able to work at a level above what they thought they were capable of. Yet, even the brightest developers often have trouble balancing their lives: some experience stress, anxiety and depression as they begin to make choices in conflict with their own values. The least effective teams have the opposite effect: great, talented people seem to work slower and less efficiently than they expect, and the negative impact on them often outlives the team.

Over time, many great developers become unhappy and unsatisfied – not only with their work, but with their families, their relationships and their own health. Many find that even though they’re working hard and being successful, anxiety and worry tends to compound. Sometimes it shows up in work performance, but often it appears elsewhere – insomnia, troubled or shallow relationships, physical health problems, poor choices, addictions, and mental illness. Though temporarily productive, good people in this state burn out and become less able to contribute their talents to society.

After nearly 20 years in the software industry, I went back to school to obtain a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I opened Counselo PLLC to improve mental health for software professionals and their families. With my background in software development and information technology, I understand the unique challenges you may face, and can help you find new solutions. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, I use proven psychotherapy models to help adults in and near the technology industry with depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. I also work with individuals to help them with interpersonal and family conflicts, work/life balance concerns, stress coping, and personal growth/fulfillment.


Bachelors of Science, Computer Science, Oregon State University
Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology, Northwest University


Member of Technical Staff, 60East Technologies (current)
Intern Clinician, Sound Mental Health
Principal Development Manager, Dev Lead, Microsoft Corp.
Performance Engineering Manager, IBM Corp.
Member of Technical Staff, SRD Software
Software Architect, Pixio Corp.
Software Architect, Rogue Wave Software




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