Marriage and Couples Therapy

How is your relationship?

Our most intimate relationships can be a source of great strength and great joy. Sometimes our relationships create incredible stress and pain as well. I believe that when a relationship is working, partners are able to work together from a base of mutual friendship, love and admiration, even though they recognize significant differences between them.

I believe that couples can choose to build a marriage that lasts, and my job is to carefully give your relationship the attention it deserves. As a member of the Gottman Referral Network, I’m committed to using evidence-based practices to help your relationship make real progress and give you real techniques to avoid relapse.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy begins with meeting with you as a couple to hear your story — your highest highs, your lowest lows — and observe how you work and communicate with each other. I then meet with each of you individually to get a complete view on your relationship and on your unique individual backgrounds. I also use a number of scientifically-validated questionnaires and tools to help me gain even more detail about how your relationship is working. After I spend some considerable time working through all of the data, I compile it and share it with you, and we work together to establish a plan for rebuilding your relationship.

In therapy, we’ll focus on rebuilding your friendship and affection for one another. We’ll also look at existing patterns of communication in your relationship and create new patterns for communication that deepen the relationship, even when you’re in conflict.

In a lot of marriage therapy, couples tend to regress back to old patterns once the therapy has ended, but one of the reasons I practice Gottman Method Couples Therapy is because of the demonstrated ability to help couples avoid “relapses.” We’ll work together on specific tools and help you build a plan to avoid falling back into the same patterns you were in before.

Some couples experience tremendous pain when an affair has occurred, when one or both partners are experiencing their own mental health struggles, or when other family conflict seems to be “intruding” into their marriage. I specialize in working with these issues:

  • Extra-marital affairs (including emotional affairs)
  • Conflicts with “in-law” relationships
  • Financial conflicts
  • Emotional issues such as depression or anxiety

Want to learn more or talk about how couples therapy could help your relationship? Contact me today to set up a free consultation.

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