Finding Balance

What would more balance look like for you?

More time with your kids, without needing to check your email?

The ability to really succeed at work without making your spouse angry?

Finding time to go to the gym without failing at everything else in life?

Balance seems like such an elusive concept. At one level, we all understand that we need to lead full, healthy lives without sacrificing our own health or our values. Yet we’re all torn between what can feel like competing demands and expectations to be great at everything: a great employee, a great spouse, a great parent, a great community or church member, etc. I know for myself and many of my clients, it is often our own needs that end up being sacrificed the most. We sacrifice our own health, nutrition, exercise, and personal growth to just keep treading water.

There are possibilities for balance in everyone’s schedule. Balancing priorities can seem so mathematical that we rob ourselves of growth opportunities. What I find with clients is that, in many cases, they can actually become far more productive at every domain of life — more creative at work, more engaged at home — by taking more time for themselves and developing better boundaries and coping skills for everyday stresses. I call these things “force multipliers” because they in essence multiply your effectiveness as a spouse, a professional, and a parent. Doing everything a bit better lessens the competition for your time.

Therapy seems counter-intuitive if you’re feeling this way. The last thing you have time for is another hour out of your week, right? When I work with clients that feel this way, we get right to work helping them look at their real goals and values for life: what are they really trying to accomplish? Why? This exercise alone can result in some clients making changes in how they spend their time as they realize they are living incongruously with their own values and goals. We look for the “force multipliers” I mentioned — choices that can make you more present in multiple life domains, and help you get what you’re looking for out of life.

I listen with empathy and stay away from judgement. This is your life, not mine, and the goal is to help you develop a plan for how to best live it. What is ideal for you may not be ideal for anyone else. In therapy, we’ll work together, step-by-step, to bring about a real sense of balance that is aligned with your goals in life.

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