Stress & Anxiety

Stress is a natural response to a threat. When our security, our livelihood, or our self-concept are threatened, our brain’s limbic system kicks into high gear and commandeers our body to give us what we need to escape. This works great to get us away from very physical dangers, but we often experience stress about other things that seem a lot harder to run away from: our work, our relationships, our guilt or shame, and our own choices. This stress is just as real but is often more pervasive then stress about a physical threat. It seems to get in the way of living life to the fullest.

When I work with clients facing nearly any emotional, behavioral, or relational issue, I listen for sources of anxiety and stress in their lives. Often just “underneath” the issue they’re facing is a stress about something else: a difficult conversation that needs to occur, a choice they’re afraid of making, or some other life issue they’re avoiding. These stressful issues influence them to be less present in their day-to-day live, resulting in less success at home or at work. Sometimes these stresses seem to show up in other ways too — inexplicable aches, pains, digestive issues.

In therapy we work together to help you identify and face the sources of stress in your own life. It’s a lot easier to face difficult choices when there’s someone walking through them with you without judgement. I’ll give you tools to help you more quickly identify the root cause of your behavior in the moment, and you’ll grow in your ability to face difficult choices even sooner.

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